Aircraft Landing Fees

Landing Fees (per 1,000 pounds Max landing Weight MLW)

Aircraft 10,000 pounds and over max landing weight (MLW) – $1.75 / 1,000 pounds

*Aircraft exempt from landing fees include:

  • Aircraft weighing less than 10,000 pounds (max landing weight – MLW)
  • Commercial Airlines / Part 121 Aircraft
  • Aircraft owned by the United States Federal Government and/or United States Military
  • Aircraft owned by the State of Montana
  • Touch-and Go / Training Aircraft
  • Aircraft Based at the Helena Airport and registered in Lewis and Clark County, Montana
  • Angel Flight Aircraft

You may view the Airport’s Authorization to Bill letter approving Vector to collect landing fees on our behalf here: Vector Authorization to Bill

**Aircraft purchasing fuel from the local FBO are still required to pay landing fees unless the aircraft meets the exemptions listed above.