Landing Fees

October 1, 2022


Dear Helena Regional Airport Aircraft Community:

On November 1, 2022, Helena Regional Airport (“KHLN”) will transition to using PlanePass™  for general aviation landing fees. PlanePass™ is a purpose-built aircraft billing solution from Vector Airport Systems (“Vector”) for billing and accounts receivable management.  Vector’s PlanePass™ team will bill and manage all payments for KHLN’s landing fees incurred November 1, 2022 and thereafter. For all operations up until midnight on October 31, 2022, Helena Regional Airport will bill and continue to collect landing fees for commercial and general aviation flight activity. Payments for Vector billed landing fees, starting November 1, 2022, made at the Airport or to the Airport will not be accepted. Accompanying this notice is the official “Authorization to Bill” letter.  Please note that, currently, PlanePass™ applies to landing fees and not any other fees issued by the Airport.

“Landing Fees” is a commonly used term that refers to aircraft operating fees.  “Landing fees” for KHLN are currently charged using the time of arrival. Upon implementation of PlanePass™, payments for landing fees made at the Airport or to the Airport will not be accepted.

Vector will send invoice(s) in December for November’s billable landing fee activities and all billable activities thereafter to the aircraft’s operator or management company.  Vector will issue invoices no later than the 11th business day of the following month for the previous month’s activities.

For more information on making payments and to update your billing contact information, please visit Vector’s self-service portal at  If you need to contact Vector, please use [email protected] or call 1-888-588-0028 x700 or Opt 01.  Vector has an in-house, US based customer service staff who are always available Monday through Friday, 9am EST to 5pm EST, excluding most US federal holidays, the Friday after US Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Wadekamper at the Airport Administration office [email protected] or at 406-442-2821 should you have any questions regarding this Notice.


Landing Fees: $1.75/1,000 pounds landed weight for aircraft 10,000 pounds and above.

Other Fees: All other ramp, storage, hangar, fueling and associated use fees are handled through Skyservices, the FBO on the field. They can be reached at 406-442-2190.