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Long Term Parking

Long Term parking rates are $3 per calendar day. Effective December 3, 2018, Long Term Parking will increase to $4/day to fund recent improvements. 162 additional spaces were recently paved and additional lighting and lot section signage are being added to help passengers remember where they parked. Parking rates at the Helena Regional Airport are still half of the cost, or in some cases less than half, of other nearby large commercial service airports.

The long-term lot is located directly north of the Airport Terminal. To enter the lot, take a ticket from the dispenser to open the barrier. Please keep tickets out of direct sunlight.  When you return from your trip, insert that ticket into the reader at one of the two co-located exit points or at the Pay-On-Foot Station, located in the baggage claim area. Your parking fees will be calculated for you. We are no longer accepting cash – Credit/Debit cards only.

Annual parking permits at discounted rates are available. To obtain a parking permit, call us at (406) 442-2821.

Short Term Parking

The Short Term Parking Lot is located directly east of the Terminal. Parking in the short term lot is free for up to one hour. Short term parking is for the pick-up and drop-off of airline passengers and for patrons of Smokejumper Station Restaurant and Grill or other entities located within the Terminal.


Loading and unloading is allowed in front of the terminal, but you must ensure that the vehicle is attended at all times.