Long Term Parking

Long Term parking rates are $3 a day or $15 per week. The long-term lot is located just north of the Airport Terminal.  After you park your car, a Public Safety Officer will log in your vehicle license number and place a yellow pay envelope on the vehicle window.  When you return, please calculate your parking fee based on the stated rates.  You may pay by either dropping the envelope in the drop-box on the way out of the long-term lot, or mail it to the Airport using the address listed on the envelope.  To pay by credit card, call the Airport Administration Office at 406-442-2821 during regular business hours.

Short Term Parking

The Short Term Parking Lot is located directly east of the Terminal; parking in the short term lot is free for up to one hour.  Short term parking is for the pick-up and drop-off of airline passengers and for patrons of Captain Jack’s or other entities located within the Terminal. 


Per Transportation Security Administration Regulations, no vehicles may be left unattended in front of the terminal building along the curbside. Loading and unloading is allowed in front of the terminal, but please be sure the vehicle is attended at all times.