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AIP-45 Airfield Lighting Upgrades Project Wrap-Up
By Jeff Wadekamper, Assistant Airport Director

The Airfield Lighting Project is substantially complete and the contractor has only a few minor work items to finish.  On behalf of the Airport Authority and Administration, I would like to thank all of the Airport tenants and users for their patience and cooperation during this project.  I would also like to give credit to our staff, particularly Jim Crawford, Airport Maintenance Lead, for spending days, nights, and even some weekends to ensure the project went smoothly and safely.   A big thanks to all the controllers who work at the Tower – they were extremely helpful in handling all of the construction activities on the airfield in and around the aircraft operations and keeping things safe.  FAA Technical Operations spent long hours – many late at night – to assist with the operations of the ILS and other navigational aids.  Morrison-Maierle served as the Airport’s engineering consultant and provided outstanding service to ensure the project was well planned and met the FAA’s stringent design standards.  Pavlik Electric has been an excellent contractor to work with and their craftsmanship will undoubtedly ensure the Airport has a dependable lighting system for many decades.  Here is a summary of the improvements resulting from the project:

  • Completely new lighting system on Runway 09/27
  • All airfield signs were replaced, upgraded, or refurbished
  • New airfield lighting controls and monitoring system (Located in Tower, Lighting Vault, Maintenance Shop)
  • New pilot control lighting system interface (for when ATCT is closed)
  • All signage and markings associated with Runway 16/34 changed over to 17/35
  • New VOR checkpoint markings
  • Taxilane location signs to aid ATCT and aircraft with ground movements
  • New edge lights for Taxiway F (old section from RWY 09 to Terminal Apron)
  • Vehicle service road signage
  • New supplemental wind cones along RWY 09/27
  • Completion of several sign and marking recommendations made by the FAA Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT)
  • Revised Movement/Non-Movement Area markings on Taxiway C

For more information contact Jeff Wadekamper, Assistant Airport Director at 406-442-2821 or