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Taxiway F Pavement Rehabilitation

Taxiway F is the north side taxiway running parallel to Runway 09/27 that serves the airline terminal, Montana National Guard and US Forest Service Tanker Base facilities.  The section from the terminal to the approach end of Runway 09 was originally constructed in 1976, put in to serve the terminal that was opened in 1978.  This section of Taxiway F was milled and re-paved this past summer.  The portion of Taxiway F that is east of the terminal area was constructed in the late 1990’s and is still in good condition – it received pavement maintenance in the form of crack and fog sealing.  The lighting system along both sides of Taxiway F was replaced as it is over 20 years old.

The project cost about $1 million and was paid for through the FAA Airport Improvement (AIP) Program. The AIP program is funded by user fees from airline passengers; 7.5% of each airline ticket sold across the United States goes to the General Fund to pay for operations of the Federal Aviation Administration and TSA, and to provide funds for eligible airport infrastructure projects.  The Helena Regional Airport receives approximately $1.3 million of AIP funds each year which are used for infrastructure improvements.


Airport Fire Rescue Equipment Acquisition

The Airport will also acquire new equipment for airport firefighting personnel during the fall of 2016.  The acquisition includes new protective fire suits, self-contained breathing apparatus, and a new air bottle filling station for the Airport Fire Department and the Rocky Mountain Emergency Services Training Center (RMESTC), where airport fire fighters from airports all across the country are trained.  The protective equipment has a maximum use life, and replacement is required once the time frame is reached.  The Airport’s current equipment is due for replacement by 2017, which drives the need to acquire new protective equipment.  This equipment acquisition is also funded through the FAA Airport Improvement Program.